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Significant Details will be a series of video interviews with women in science. It is currently in production.

Each conversation starts with a “significant detail”, a specific object that links each researcher to her science. It can be a scientific object or a token with a relation to science only for the scientist herself. Starting from these tangible matters, the interviews will then explore a wide range of topics, all related to the women’s experience of doing science and the wider scientific world.

The interviews will be available online and as podcasts. They will be hosted at spektrum.de and downloadable through iTunes. They will be published under a creative commons license.

The scientists are chosen to represent a wide range of disciplines, approaches and backgrounds. However, there are almost 8.000 female professors working in Germany, so it is very clear that this selection represents only a tiny fraction of possible careers and opportunities for women in science.

The project is run by researchers at the Moving Image Lab at Leuphana University Lüneburg. Additional funding is provided by the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The producer will be Teer+Feder Filmproduction.

The interviews will be conducted by me, Kerstin Hoppenhaus. I am a science journalist and filmmaker. With this project, I want to increase visibility for women in science and provide authentic role models for young women, but also explore new ways to communicate about science and the people who are doing it.

The interviews will be filmed in February and March, and published weekly from April 2013.

I will be blogging here, about the progress of the project, our protagonists, the filming and related stuff. For those on Twitter I recommend the hashtag #womeninscience. I also put together a Twitter list of institutions and scientists and journalists who often tweet on the subject. And of course I will be tweeting as well.

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